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V4.94 Digiprog III Digiprog3 Multi Languages Odometer Master Programmer

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V4.94 Digiprog III Digiprog3 Multi Languages Odometer Master Programmer

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1.It is a cost-effective mileage correction tool, 
2.supports multi-language and full range of vehicle. 
3.V4.94 digiprog 3 is latest version of Digiprog3, add more car models on the basic of V4.88.

Availability: In stock



Best Quality V4.94 Digiprog III Digiprog3 Odometer Master Programmer Entire Kit

Top 4 Reasons to Get Low Cost V4.94 Digiprog 3

1. Latest Version: V4.94
2. This is newest version Digiprog3 with most competitive price.
3. With ST01 ST04 Adapter in the Package
4. Supported Languages: Deutsch, English, Espanol, French, Portuguese, Italiano, Turkish, Nederlands

 1. Power-On Password: 1
2. If you want to upgrade your digiprog 3, need to return the main unit for upgrading


Digiprog 3 V4.94 Add Car Model List:

Audi :

-A3 new version

Ford :

-F150 24C16

-Falcon 24c02

Mercedes :

-W176 new version

-W204 new version Diag

-W212 new version Diag

Opel :

-Insignia new version

-Astra new version

V4.93 digiprog 3 odometer programmer:


For Audi :

A3 Diag new version

A6 Diag new version

A8 Diag new version

For Mercedes :

R 172 Diag new version

R 231 Diag new version

W 212 Diag new version

For Ford :

Kuga Transit

For VW :

Amarok Polo Johnson


Digiprog 3 V4.94 Features:

1. Service interval adjustments and settings 

     Assyst processing

     Fault memory read-erase

     EEPROM programmer

     Integrated PC communication

Digiprog 3 How to use ?

1.Turn off your engine and locate the "Function" button on the front of DigiProg III Mileage correction tool
2.Press and hold the "Function" button while turning the engine on. DigiProg III Mileage correction tool will now enter calibration mode.
3.Press the "Function" button repeatedly to scroll through the options until you come to "Auto."
4.Press and hold the switch until "-" is displayed. Release the switch when this appears. "Unit" will now appear on the display.
5.Wait until "Cal" appears on the display followed by zeroes, then drive your automobile until one mile clicks over on DigiProg III Mileage correction tool
6.Stop the car and then press and release the "Function" button. The mileage is now set.


Some Important Tips for Using Digiprog 3:

1. Always connect the Eeprom to the ST01 or ST04 before you connect to the DigiProg this will avoid Electro static feedback (ESD).

2. Never solder the connections whilst the lead is connected to the programmer, this will damage the DigiProg.

3. Always keep your DigiProg in its case when not in Use & keep it in a dry environment at night (don’t leave it in the trunk of your car) If you are using solvents to remove lacquers’ from Eeprom’s ensure that they are cleaned 4. completely as the solvent can damage the clips.


Digiprog 3 Menu:


1. EEPROM Menu

The first option on the main menu is the Eeprom menu. Reading, writing and saving Eeprom information is all done using this menu. A more detailed guide to using this menu follows later on in the introduction.



This is the menu you will use for correcting and reprogramming vehicles. Manufacturers are set out in alphabetical order and models of vehicles are set out in a simple sub-menu format.


3. Motorcycle Menu

This menu is the same as the CAR/TRUCK menu but is used for reprogramming motorcycles.


4. Special Functions Menu

The special functions menu is for use only by official DigiProg dealers.


5. Setup Menu

This menu is where settings on your DigiProg can be changed. Language, password, brightness, volume, and the time/date can all be set and changed in this menu. You can also change whether your machine is working in kilometres or miles.


Using the EEPROM Menu:


On some of the vehicles you will come across, an eight pin Eeprom chip will be used to store the vehicle data. These chips hold vital information from the vehicle such as ignition and immobiliser codes. Loss of this information could result in anything from minor faults, to major faults involving the vehicle not starting and having to be taken to the main dealer. This is why it is very important to read and save the original information from the Eeprom before programming, this way if any errors do occur you can always return to the point you started. The process of reading and saving this information is very simple. The Eeprom chip itself will have a mask number printed across the top of it, for example a widely used chip is a 93C46. You can connect the chip to your DigiProg by using adaptor ST01 or ST04. Most chips are surface mount eeproms which will use ST01, but the larger DIL chips will use ST04.

Digiprog 3 Car List:

for Audi A2/3/4/6 VDO 07/01 Diagnostic
for Audi A2/3/4/6 VDO 07/01- Diagnostic
for Audi A3 A8 2003 on Service & Navigation Diagnostic
for Audi A3 to 06/01 Diagnosis
for Audi A4 Bosch 2002 Diagnostic
for Audi A4 Modell 2001 Bosch Diagnostic
for Audi A8 to 01/99 Diagnosis
for Audi Audi A3/ A6/ A8 2006 on Diagnostic
for Audi Jaeger/Magneti Marelli up 04/99 Diagnosis
for Audi Magnetti Marelli All models Diagnostic
for Audi MM 4/99 Diagnosis
for Audi TT Diagnosis
for Bentley Continental GT 2003 / Diagnostic
for BMW 3er / Compact / Z3 Cluster-Diagnosis
for BMW 3er / Compact / Z3 up 98 Cluster-Diagnosis
for BMW 3er / E36 Diagnosis
for BMW 3er / E36 Modell 99 Cluster-Diagnosis
for BMW 3er / E46 1999/2000 Diagnostic
for BMW 5er / E39 with BC to 04/99 Diagnosis
for BMW 5er / E39 without BC to 04/99 Diagnosis
for BMW 7er / E38 (SW 12/13) up 05/99 Cluster-Diagnosis
for BMW 7er / E38 to 04/99 Diagnosis
for BMW 8er / E31 Diagnosis
for BMW E39 LCM Diagnostic
for BMW E39 Light Module All models Diagnostic
for BMW E46 2001/ Light Module HC12 Diagnostic
for BMW E46 2003/ Light Module HC12S Diagnostic
for BMW E46 LCM Diagnostic
for BMW E50 5 Series 2004 Diagnostic
for BMW E60 & E65 E90 2004 2007 CAS Diagnostic
for BMW X3 LCM Diagnostic
for BMW X5 LCM Diagnostic
for BMW X5 Light module Diagnostic
for BMW X5 Light module HS12 Diagnostic
for Chrysler All Models Diagnostic
for Chrysler Cherokee Modell 2002 Diagnostic
for Chrysler Crossfire Diagnostic
for Chrysler Grand Cherokee 04/99 Diagnostic
for Chrysler Grand Cherokee HC12 Diagnostic
for Chrysler Grand Cherokee to 03/99 Diagnosis
for Chrysler PT Cruiser HC12 Diagnostic
for Chrysler PT Cruiser to HC11 Diagnoctic
for Chrysler Stratus Diagnosis
for Chrysler Voyager Modell 2002 HC12 Cluster-Diagnosis
for Chrysler Voyager to Bj. 2001 Diagnosis
for Citreon New Saxo Diagnostic
for Daimler Benz A-Klasse Diagnosis
for Daimler Benz C-Klasse (W202) Diagnosis
for Daimler Benz C-Klasse (W203) 07/003 Diagnosis
for Daimler Benz CLK / SLK to 03/99 Diagnosis
for Daimler Benz CLK / SLK up 04/99 Diagnosis
for Daimler Benz E-Klasse to 03/99 Diagnosis
for Daimler Benz E-Klasse up 04/99 Diagnosis
for Daimler Benz G-Klasse to 03/99 Diagnosis
for Daimler Benz G-Klasse up 04/99 to 07/01 Diagnosis
for Daimler Benz G-Klasse up 08/01 Diagnosis
for Daimler Benz M-Klasse to 03/99 Diagnosis
for Daimler Benz M-Klasse up 04/99 to 07/01 Diagnosis
for Daimler Benz M-Klasse up 08/01 Diagnosis
for Daimler Benz S-Klasse Diagnosis
for Daimler Benz SL-Klasse R129 Diagnosis
for aimler Benz Sprinter Cluster-Diagnosis
for Daimler Benz Vito VDO Cluster-Diagnosis
for Daimler Benz V-Klasse / Magneti Marelli Diagnosis
for Daimler Benz V-Klasse VDO Cluster-Diagnosis
for Daimler Benz W211 E Class SW 77 Diagnostic
for Daimler Benz W211 E Class up to Sept 2003 Diagnostic
for Dodge Ram 2003 Diagnostic
for Fiat Brava ST Cluster-Diagnosis
for Fiat Multipla Cluster-Diagnosis
for Fiat Punto Jeager 08 Cluster-Diagnosis
for Ford Cougar Cluster-Diagnosis
for Ford Fiesta Cluster-Diagnosis
for Ford Focus Cluster-Diagnosis
for Ford Galaxy Diagnosis
for Ford Galaxy 2000/2006 Diagnosis
for GM Cadillac Seville STS HC 11 Cluster-Diagnosis
for Jaguar Daimler to 12/97 Cluster-Diagnosis
for Jaguar Daimler up 01/98 Cluster-Diagnosis
for Nissan Terrano II Cluster-Diagnosis
for Opel Astra Diagnosis
for Opel Corsa Diagnosis.
for Opel Vectra 04/99 Diagnosis
for Opel Vectra to 03/99 Diagnosis
for Opel Zafira Diagnosis
for Opel Zafira 2003./2007 Diagnostic
for Peugeot 106 Diagnostic
for Peugeot 306 VDO Cluster-Diagnosis
for Peugeot 406 VDO Cluster-Diagnosis
for Porsche 996 09/01/2000 Diagnostic
for Porsche 996 to 08/01 Diagnosis
for Porsche 996 up 09/01 93C86 Diagnostic
for Porsche Boxster Diagnosis
for Porsche Cayenne Diagnostic
for Rover 75 LCM Diagnostic
for Rover 75 Light Module Diagnostic
for Seat All Diagnosis
for Seat Altea Diagnostic
for Seat Leon Diagnostic
for Seat Toledo Diagnostic
for Skoda Fabia 2002 Diagnostic
for Skoda Octavia Service inspection & Klms Diagnostic
for Toyota Avensis Diagnosis
for Vauxhall Meriva Diagnostic
for Volvo S80 up 02/99 Cluster-Diagnosis
for Volvo V70 2002 HC12 Cluster-Diagnosis
for Volvo V70 up 02/00 Cluster-Diagnosis
for Volvo V70 up 02/99 to 01/00 Cluster-Diagnosis
for Volvo V70 V2 HC12 Cluster-Diagnosis
for VW Bora Diagnosis
for VW Caddy Cluster-Diagnosis
for VW Caddy 2005 Diagnostic
for VW Corrado Cluster-Diagnosis
for VW LT Cluster-Diagnosis
for VW Lupo Diagnosis
for VW New Beetle Diagnosis
for VW New Sharan Diagnosis
for VW Passat B3 Cluster-Diagnosis
for VW Passat B5 Diagnosis
for VW Passat B6 up 12/00 Diagnosis
for VW Pheaton Bosch Diagnostc
for VW Polo Diagnosis
for VW Polo 2003 Diagnostic
for VW Sharan Diagnosis
for VW Sharan 2006 model Diagnostic
for VW T4 Bus Cluster-Diagnosis
for VW Taro Cluster-Diagnosis
for VW Touareg Diagnostic
for VW Touran Service Inspection Diagnostic
for VW Vento Cluster-Diagnosis

How to Update Digiprog 3?

Step 1:Connect the USB to the computer, start your dp3,run Digiloader1.exe

Step 2:Choose the right port,select Digi1.bin,Click the button.If your dp3 dose not enter blue screen,check your setting and restart from step 1.

Step 3:In upgrading,It should be like this until over.Attention,It will be damaged if you remove it now.

Step 4:Upgrade Over.Your dp3 should restart automatically.


Digiprog III V4.94 Screen Display:

Digiprog 3 V4.94 Screen Display


Digiprog 3 Customers Feedback:

Results of many users of digiprog.. 'obd ok' means succesfull mileage correction of car by OBD.
disclaimer: use at own risk.

Mb c202 1999 38 pin ok
vw passat 2009 ok +service
Insignia 2008, 2009 OBD OK
W221 OBD Cluster OK
Focus 2003, 2004, 2008 OBD OK
VW Passat VII 2010 OBD OK
Corsa c obd NO
Fiat Grande Punto OBD NO
Audi A8 2010 Preparing eeprom, and obd OK
Ford mondeo 2005 HC12 OK
Peugeot 206 1998 diesel 2 cluster plug, motorola proc. NOT OK! REAd error, and DEAD MOTOROLA! WARNING!!!
Opel meriva obd ok
w211 obd ok
audi a3 2011 obd ok (after first try dash dead after second back to live)
passat cc 2009 obd ok
skoda octavia 2008 dash ecu dsg obd ok
citroen c2 ok peugeot 307 ok audi a 3 2004 ok
honda moto ok
w210 ok
diag golf 4 ok
diag skoda fabia ok
Mercedes E Class W212 2011 Tacho & EZS OK by OBD
Golf 6 , 2011 obd not works
Ford focus 2005 obd work ok
Audi A3 2006 obd work ok
Vw Caddy 2006 dash obd OK! Ecu obd OK!
Fiat Bravo 2007 dash obd OK!
fiat 500 obd ok
smart 2008 obd ok
mercedes c220 w 211 obd ok
Seat leon 2005 year ok
Skoda Octavia I 2001 TDI OBD OK
Skoda Octavia I 2002 1.8T OBD OK
Skoda octavia tdi 2011 obd ok
Vw passat tdi 2010 new model obd ok
Vw sharan tdi 2009 obd ok
golf 4 all
audi a3 dead taho 999999 but ripair vith digiprog 3
audi a4 1995-2001 vdo-ok
vw t5-2008-ok
seat ibiza,leon.toledo-ok
skoda fabia-ok
octavia ok
audi a6-2005-2009-ok
bmw 320 1998-1999-ok obd
vw golf 5-ok
opel corsa not work ok
Audi A4 09 diag, 2011
Ford Focus diag,
Peugeot E7 BSI and dash,
Fiat Doblo diag,
Honda Accord,
Peugeot 407 06,
Peugeot 406 bsi and dash,
ford Transit
Just done a merc 204 and 212 Diagnostic mileage and assyst
A4 I did one yesterday
merc 204 212 tried and tested
Audi A3 2006 Diag
Mercedes 212 Diag
Mercedes 204 Diag
Mercedes 204 assyst Diag
Mercedes Vito MM Diag
Ford Focus 2008 to 2011 Diag
Ford Fiesta 2008 up Diag
Ford Mondeo 2008 Diag
Fiat Doblo Diag
Nissan Navara 9S12
Peugeot 307 912 BSI
Peogeot 307 95160 BSI
Old Toyota Avensis Diag back of cluster
Seat Leon 2006 Diag
Toyota Dyna contact points using Hiace
Volvo V70 Diag
Volvo V70 error clear
focus 2011 diag
2002-2010 (diag and 24c08)
2010-up -only 95640 eeprom
New Volvo goes by OBD tried and tested
2008 up I did V70 the other day and error clear works
Even on 211 you cant make assyst by OBD
Astra-j (2009) works OK via OBD
VW Passat 2007 works OK via OBD
Astra-H works OK via CHIP
Audi A8 2007 works OK via OBD
Ford C-Max and S-Max work OK via OBD
Ford Fiesta & Focus works OK via MCU, not Dash Connector ?!?!
Golf 3 & Golf 4 works OK via dash connector and via OBD
Reading 93Cxx, 24Cxx, 95xxx, 912, 9s12 works OK.
Vw T5 DASH -2009 OBD OK
EDC16 T5 - 2009 OBD OK
EDC T5 -2005 OBD OK
bMW 5 - BY DASH PLUG 1998 OK
Golf 6 2009
renault megane 3 only dash ,abs 95160 does not work
Golf 5 2005 2006 2007
Seat leon 2007
peugeot 207 95128 but you must select citroen C3 menu
Skoda fabia 2001
clio 3 2009
c4 2006
i try ford smax work fine i think with fords work fine
Volvo S 80 from 2009 done in 5 minutes,
vw eos 2007 in menu -2009 (1F) dignostic
read and change km in tacho and DSG
t5 by obd worck ok,dash and edc
citroen c2 dash & bsi ok
galaxy 04 plate ok
mondeo 04 ok
golf mk 5 06 ok
Golf 5,2008 ok,
golf 6 2011 ok,
ford focus 2007 ok,
t5 ok,edc 16 ok,
seat leon 2007 ok
BMW E46 by 20 pin DLC work ok year 2000
Insignia work by Eprom direct,OBD get acces denied
Mercedes 2008 by OBD work ,dash only!
Nissan quascai 2008 by eprom direct working
tested on 211 2008 work with flashing option(block syncro with EZS in dash flash)
audi a4 ,2.7 benz, 1999 year!
93lc66 , b5-dash 8d0 vdo with BC!!!!!
audi a4 1994-2001
diagnostic connect,not read old km write new km ok
2011 ford focus like a dream obd2
golf4 19tdi 2000year
Rb4 audi a4 make today ,worck like a charm,
seat ibiza 2004 the same worck ok
skoda octavia with nec inside work ok by obd
T4 2006 obd ok (meni:vw T4 98-/diagnostic connect,not read old km write new km ok)
jumper 2008 obd ok read old km write ok
Peugeot 406 VDO Dash done by cluster conector...ok
Focus 2001 Done with cluster connector .............ok
Audi A3 ,2000 year, M73 works OK via OBD
mb w204 2011 obd2 work ok take 2 min cleare error work ok
Passat 2012
Fiesta 2011
Fiesta 2008
tested on audi A8 4E-work ok;
ford focus 2010-OK ;
tuareg RB8 dash-ok and EDC16-OK
2009 Audi R8 done OK
2009 Insignia done OK
Chrysler 300C
2008 Mondeo Colour screen
did mb w204 2010 w212 2011 2 min joob done. work very good.
insignia 2010 by obd 1min job
audi a4 2008 .... by obd 30min job
audi a6 2004.... not from first try but ok (q7 the same )
audi a3 2003.... obd 1min job
mb ml 1999 obd ok
a4 1996 vdo obd ok
volvo xc 70 2008... obd ok
focus 2008 obd ok
sharan ....2001 with and without bord cpu obd ok
mercedes w 204 2009 year
W204 ??EZS - DIAG ok , 2 min
W204 ?- TACHO - DIAG ok, 2 min
W204 ?- ASSYST - DIAG ok, 15 min
Tested ok on vw polo 2007 crypto
punto 2004 old shape
seat cordoba 2003 old shape
scenic 2004 johnson control with c56
e60 dash with 35080 eep all ok.
mazda bt50 2009 ok
ford escape 2008 OBD ok
vw golf 6 ,2011 , VDO tacho obd 2 min !!ok!!
for the audi a4 2008 demand 1 min for reading and 30min for writing
a4 2008 30min job work ok by obd
I did a Audi A8 with Digiprog clone by obd the other day... worked perfect... it was 2008.
Vw polo 6r 2011 obd OK
VW lupo obd OK
Vw passat B6 -2008 obd OK 1min
Tested on VW Passat EDC16, working
Golf4 vdo ok edc 15 not work
tested on a 2001 corsa and all ok
try it the golf 5 ecu works diag
I read and write to obd VW T5 2007-8 year tacho and edc16
Golf 5 2009 MM9 km not change can't do by OBD
Q7 -obd ok
Golf Plus obd ok
Golf 5 Dash and ECU obd ok
Ducato 2008 dash obd ok
Touran dash and ECU obd ok
Mondeo MK3 hc12 via dash pionts ok
Golf 3 via dash connector not ok
Mondeo MK4 dash with big color lcd version unknown
Vectra B dash obd ok
Mercedes w251 R klasse 2009 year dash via obd ok not need to do EZS.
seat ibiza 2012 6J, 1.6TDI CR read & write ok
Volvo xc90 dash ok
Yamaha r1 2002 ok
BMW 1r F20 work good ...
skoda Superb2 2013 ok
audi A6 2012 ok
Opel tigra 2011 ok
Peugeot 407 2006 BSI dash OK
Q7 2007 OK
2008 VW Jetta OBD good
2001 Ford F150 HC11 MCU No Good Destroyed Dash118
2008 Q7 Audi OBD no good "No Connection"
1999 E46 BMW Dash+LCM OBD Good
2003 Ford Focus OBD Good
2001 Jeep Cherokee HC08 MCU plug42 "No Connection"
1999 E55 Merc OBD Good
mercedes e211 2004 tacho and ezs ok
vw tuareg 2003 obd ok
mercedes c202 38 pin ok
2009 Octavia FL 1.9tdi Dash + ECU via OBD - ok
2009 Fabia II 1.4tdi Dash via OBD - ok
2010 Roomster 1.6tdi Dash via OBD - ok
2008 Roomster 1.9tdi Dash via OBD - ok
2012 Audi A4 2.0tdi Dash via OBD - ok

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